Crossroads, fuck you money vs multi millions in net worth

For me, the narrative handed down by my family was, get educated from an elite university in the west, come back to India, join the family business, marry an Indian girl, have babies and enact the identities that are culturally acceptable and appropriate.

This pretty much translated to get (or rather, stay) rich, get fat, pop out a couple of babies, spend all that money on real estate, get a Mercedez, preserve and grow the family wealth and die.

Tddaygame tweeted something a few days back, which struck a chord with me.
It was something along the lines of, when you invest a significant amount of time in a skill, consciously decide if it is a tool, hobby or a lifestyle. The way I have been culturally engineered, accumulating wealth was supposed to be the lifestyle rather than a tool.

Until, I got addicted to the sweet taste of pussy from the Former Soviet Union.

The opportunity cost of living the player lifestyle for me is quite high. We are talking millions worth of real estate, a construction business, political connections and all in all a very comfortable life.

While I have an advantage in the money and looks department, it is simply useless if not accompanied by proximity to hot birds*.

So the challenge ahead, before I even begin my climb to the daygame summit is to fund it. Have enough income coming in that I can live a comfortable life in Eastern Europe.

It can be easily argued that if Eastern Europe is where my heart is at, then I won’t be needing a lot of cash. However, my SMV will peak at around mid thirties. If I can just grind through my twenties, and generate at least  $200k/annum, I will be a free man. I will not have to worry about lack of cash when I am older. Given my circumstances, making that sum is doable, however, getting it to a point where its passive or remotely managed is the tough bit. Money, for me then, is a tool, not a lifestyle in and of itself.

Also, when I say doable, earning that sum is not easy or simple. I am starting a new venture, quite different from my current family business. My life has become a groundhog day**. I live the same day over and over again every day. There is no novelty, no excitement of entrepreneurship and definitely no birds to hit on. All I can hope for are small euro jaunts, here and there until I finally unplug from the Matrix.


*There is nothing to shoot at. A white curvy 6 in the UK would be a 9 here.

** It is a hollywood movie, where the guy gets stuck in time and lives the same day over and over again until he becomes a good guy that the girl likes, not recommending watching it for game but for the concept. We all live our lives in a groundhog day, its just that the one that involves talking to a lot of girls and banging them is just far superior than the one where you are essentially a slave to wealth.

PS – If at any point you thought, that I can just fuck off to EE and ask my parents to cover my expenses, you were right. I can, but my ego won’t let me.




Life without sarging

While I wouldn’t call myself an experienced daygamer yet. I have been out  sarging in London and probably have around 200 sets under my belt.

I felt alive, when I was in between sets. Daygaming gave me a sense of purpose. It was addictive.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 9.56.43 PM
All day, everyday

I am back to my hometown in India now. And this third tier capital of a third world country is sucking the soul out of my life. There is a complete lack of stimuli for my dopamine receptors. Girls are fat, ugly or both.

‘Why don’t you just move’ you ask?
I am stuck setting up a brick and mortar business here to generate a semi passive source of income. Even though I am putting my time into setting up the business, the process is quite slow. And I am struggling to focus. All I can think about is DAYGAME. All day, everyday.

While it does sound naive to me as I write it, but my ego wants 100 girls and 6 figure income ($). And the way I am seeing it is, getting  personal finance sorted in my twenties and girls in my early 30s.

Other thoughts that keep bothering me is marriage and TRT. Would I ever wanna settle down. Would the location have TRT prescribing doctors (I am not on TRT but I do plan on undergoing the treatment in my mid thirties). Which country in eastern Europe would suit me best. How will I design the lifestyle to go on several euro jaunts a year. I think if I was sarging, I wouldn’t get anxious about the mentioned issues.

I hope my Poland plans work out in March and April 2019.