Life without sarging

While I wouldn’t call myself an experienced daygamer yet. I have been outĀ  sarging in London and probably have around 250 sets under my belt.

I felt alive, when I was in between sets. Daygaming gave me a sense of purpose. It was addictive.

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 9.56.43 PM
All day, everyday

I am back to my hometown in India now. And this third tier capital of a third world country is sucking the soul out of my life. There is a complete lack of stimuli for my dopamine receptors. Girls are fat, ugly or both.

‘Why don’t you just move’ you ask?
I am stuck setting up a brick and mortar business here to generate a semi passive source of income. Even though I am putting my time into setting up the business, the process is quite slow. And I am struggling to focus. All I can think about is DAYGAME. All day, everyday.

While it does sound naive to me as I write it, but my ego wants 100 girls and 6 figure income ($). And the way I am seeing it is, gettingĀ  personal finance sorted in my twenties and girls in my early 30s.

Other thoughts that keep bothering me is marriage and TRT. Would I ever wanna settle down. Would the location have TRT prescribing doctors (I am not on TRT but I do plan on undergoing the treatment in my mid thirties). Which country in eastern Europe would suit me best. How will I design the lifestyle to go on several euro jaunts a year. I think if I was sarging, I wouldn’t get anxious about the mentioned issues.

I hope my Poland plans work out in March and April 2019.




AAaaaand the euro jaunt is postponed

Am establishing a traditional brick and mortar business in India. Its taking longer than I expected, so my euro jaunt to Krakow will probably have to wait till March and April 2019.

aaaand the plans went down the drain