Origins Story #1: Losing my virginity

I have only ever fucked one girl so far. That too from tinder. I had no idea what I was doing while in bed. I had already came while she was giving me a blow job, but I was hell bent on loosing my virginity that night. So I remembered Krauser’s words from the first edition of Balls Deep , “2 pumps and it counts”.

I put my dick inside her while losing my erection, managed to thrust some pumps in her, while not enjoying any moment of it.

She was a 6, French girl. Afterwards, I asked her if she came. She said yes, but I knew she was lying. I didn’t care much, she was way below my SMV. I preferred not to get any feedback on my performance and went to sleep beside her. Next morning, I left her house. I remember chuckling to myself on my way back home. I was proud that I had done it, lost my virginity.

Another reason for my smug face to myself was because how easy it was. I met her from tinder, went for a drink. Nothing happened that night. I kept in touch with her, and one fine day, after returning from University, a text conversation ensued.

She invited me to a party but I really wasn’t in the mood. The only reason that pushed me to get off my ass and leave the house, was because I was still a virgin then.

On my way back from her house to mine, I met a Ukrainian friend that I knew from university. I met this dude a couple of days ago while I was running game on a Russian (boobalicous) girl and he joined a few minutes later in the conversation. They were friends and he didn’t cock block me so I liked him. Only later did I find out, I was stealing his lunch money, he too was trying to get in her pants. While in set, they both assumed I had a one night stand the day before on campus, and was waiting for the cafe to open to get a cup of coffee. Thanks to the r selected game I was running and the vibe I gave off.

Why this little side plot is Important you ask?

When I met this dude again on the day I lost my virginity, he already assumed I was a player. A fuck boy. An identity that my ego puts at a premium in my mind. We had a brief conversation. He knew I was coming back from a girl’s house before I even opened my mouth to speak, in part because of the time of the day. We had a brief chit chat and I maintained the frame of a player.

Despite the funny night before, that brief talk with the Ukrainian dude the next morning was like a cherry on top for my ego. Not only had I lost my virginity to a white girl, there was a witness, who thinks am a player.

I had been on 3 failed Euro jaunts prior to this, of one week each and I couldn’t do it. I had consumed a lot of game material, my friends thought I was ladies man because I went on dates, hit on girls on the street, showed them my cocky text messages. Yet I felt as an imposter because I had 0 results.

In retrospect, I just used “show up, don’t fuck up” game.

Regardless of how easy it was or how minor of an achievement it was, I felt as if a huge weight has been lifted off my chest.

That was a long time ago. December, 2017 to be precise.




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