Nick Krauser’s Girl Junkie Review

I like reading memoirs. One can get all the theory from videos and courses, but daygame memoirs show the roller coaster ride this journey truly is. 

Nick Krauser’s Girl junkie picks up his story after Adventure Sex. It starts with a bold, in your face, kind of plot line. And then consistently keeps the reader on the hook as the story progresses and builds up to his Euro Jaunt in the slavic countries. 

Right before the start of his adventures in the Nazi concentration camps (that apparently didn’t happen), Nick goes on to describe the non pua side of his life in Newcastle. It put things into perspective for us beginners. When we get into pick up, we are consumed by it, thinking that these mPUAs are living an adrenalin fuelled life 24×7 all year round, completely estranged from family and society. And we end up aspiring for that. His story description of his time in new castle suggested to me that, it is okay, from time to time, to visit your family and may be plug back into the social constructs.

Nick then goes on to narrate his adventures in Eastern and Southern Europe. There were a lot of girls, and I lost track of em while reading the book. The outlier situations Nick found himself in, can potentially happen to any other rakija loving day gamer too. This is where reading memoirs help out. It is like reading a source code. Makes you think, what would I have done, had I been in this situation. 

The story gives context to the content Nick has posted on his youtube channel and blog. How he got to those conclusions, what specific experiences led to the theory. 

For example, he talks about dominant brute force kind of approach in outlaw daygame video series. In the book, you will find out how asking strange girls on the street for a bite of their bratwurst led to the build up of that blunt and brute approach to daygame.

If you think the blog is filled with sarcastic dark humour, wait till you read the book. You will experience a no holds bar Nick Krauser writing straight from the heart. Hilarious and outrageous.

One key takeaway that hits home was how to frame daygame in your mind. It is an activity that offers value to the other party. You are not leeching value out of a 19 year old Gopnitsa. You are offering her an adventure, that she would look back to in her 30s and beyond when her vodka drinking husband is out for bear hunting. 

Stories and adventures laid out in Nick’s memoirs inspire young minds like mine, that all these adventures are within our reach and waiting to happen if we so choose and sort out our priorities.

It won’t, until you do it

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